About us

Omnes Artes is a small company founded in 2010. as a development of a cooperation of their founders; two women interested in creativity and business. Today, our team has 2 people employed working with several experts in their own fields; social workers, coaches and creative workshop managers.

Coordination and implementation of projects for several companies and non-profit organizations while providing creative workshops with the aim of improving the quality of life of the individual, and thus achieve socially useful activity. We adapt the programs with particular attention toward individual needs and place an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Our activities are focused on the systematic empowerment of all associates involved in the online portal for the promotion of handicrafts www.OmnisArt.com. By providing full support to the strengthening of their self-promotion, we aim to help creative artists to promote their creative work and create additional or sole source of income from their creativity.

Our mission is to positively influence all aspects of life of individuals and communities by networking, encouraging creative expression, and cognitive methods .


Our motto is: 

“Be what you wish to be,

do what you love!”


Suzana Antonić i Ljiljana Žunić