Experience with us the mystical side of the city.

Every 2nd and 4th FRIDAY 
from MAY till the end of AUGUST

Thanks to the interactive elements, original content and expert presenters, our participants are always satisfied and inspired.

The Upper town witches tour takes you through the Upper town and its interesting locations with a costumed guide. Through our fun program, get to know the “dark” side of the city from the Middle ages onward. We combine the legends about witches, real practices and historical events that stand behind them. You will have the opportunity to experience the practice of our modern witch “on your own skin”.

This is not just a tourist tour, but an outing into the city’s history that surprises.

The programe includes:
* 1,5 h guided tour
* Interactive elements of visiting the “Witches craft” and “Fortunetelling”
* 2 Costumed guides (a historian and a licensed guide)
* “Magical” free gifts (an amulet, fortunetelling result printed out, “magical spell to take with you”)

Dare to swirl the Wheel of fortune and visit the Witches craft on these dates:

12. and 26.6. at 21h
10. and 24.7. at 21h
7. and 21. 8. at 20h

Tour dates GUARANTEED, in front of the Tourist info centre at the ban Jelačić square.


Price per person: 111 kn
Children up to 16 years of age: 88 kn
Children up to 7 years of age GRATIS
Tickets available at the start of tour or by making the payment directly to our account

Ticket type

Program is available for groups in Croatian, English and Spanish. We tailor make it by your wishes. Looking forward to your inquiry  info(at)zgc.hr

Let your guests enjoy an interactive city tour that will thrill them. Ask us about witches celebrations as well!


 Walking through the streets of Zagreb, find out what the Zagreb semenery has to do with “The black school” and who the “Grabancijaši” are, how did the trials with witches go, where did they meet and what potions did Kata Cankovica do for the Erdody family…many more interesting tales.

This is not just a tourist tour but an outing into the city history that will surprise you, make you have a new look upon the town…and perhaps on your future.